“Personal Accountability and the QBQ!”


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John G. Miller, QBQ! author


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Kristin E. Lindeen


Our Five Belief Statements on Speaking:

  1. Speaking is a craft, a skill—essentially something that can be learned. Which means any speaker can get better. We are committed to learning, growing, changing, and improving for our clients.
  2. No speaker should teach anything that hasn’t personally touched them and changed their life. Passionate speaking comes from believing in the power of the ideas presented because they have worked for you.
  3. The single greatest compliment a speaker can be given is an audience member saying, “Thanks, that was practical!” What is really being said is I can use it!—and why have a speaker attend your event or speak to your organization if he or she isn’t providing content that will be used?
  4. Because the human brain “never thinks in words, only in pictures,” the most effective way to speak is by telling outstanding stories. It’s through story that the learner remembers ideas/content and is able to apply the material long after the session ends. Plus, great stories make for a fun event and who doesn’t like fun?
  5. A speaker should be easy to work with at every stage of the process: The inquiry, the conversation, the paperwork, the prep, the onsite presence and performance. We promise a “no hassle” experience.

The QBQ! Promise: We commit to practicing these beliefs when speaking on our message of “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!”

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