Q&A with John G. Miller, QBQ! author

Jim, a manager at Coca-Cola who bought 24 QBQ! books for staff his team, emailed this question: Mr. Miller, in QBQ! you write that “leaders are not problem solvers” but then the Rockbottom mgr in Chapter One gets Jacob (the server) the Diet Coke for his customer – you. Great story! But what is the…

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From Mark Sanborn – A believer in QBQ!

Mark Sanborn, a longtime excellent speaker and author of The Fred Factor, is also a believer in PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY and the QBQ! Please enjoy his guest blog here: http://www.marksanborn.com/blog/the-specialist-series-john-miller-on-accountability/

A hospital uses QBQ!

A note from a QBQ! reader says this: John, my director and I attended the TapRoot Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, last month. Following your presentation we decided to buy the QBQ! for all our employees and begin the QBQ! as a group. Our department has 6 people. We told them that they did not have…

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Public Education and QBQ! – Personal Accountability

A school district today is better off because of QBQ! A superintendent trained his staff with the QBQ! training program and sent us this comment: Hi John, We have completed the QBQ program. This program has changed me … and my 5 staff members loved it, too. “Thank You” for allowing us to experience the…

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