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Joe Walsh, longtime rocker and member of the Eagles, nails addiction in his “One Day At A Time” lyrics. (Video here)

An addict himself, he figured it out.

Early in his song, he sings, “Well, I finally got around to admit I might have a problem—but I thought it was just too big of a mountain to climb.”

Good so far, gotta admit a problem exists, but not fully there yet. A bit later, Joe croons, “Well, I finally got around to admit that I was the problem; when I used to put the blame on everybody’s shoulders but mine.”

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Outstanding Organizations NEVER Stop Improving

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Do the best organizations strive to get better? They sure do as they work toward achieving that highest level of exceptionalism. What we simply call … outstanding. 

These Organizations Do Exist

After getting off the phone with the CEO of Vortex Optics, I knew Kristin and I had just talked to a leader who knows what he’s doing. A family-held organization with 300 staff, CEO Joe Hamilton works alongside his siblings in a business their dad founded. We were impressed with the way he thinks and thankful for his belief in QBQ! To be honest, I was not aware of the stellar reputation of this organization until the next day.

I casually mentioned to my son-in-law, Justin, who fought in Iraq and loves all things outdoors, Vortex is a client. My gut told me their products would interest him. I was right …

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Learning Makes For Outstanding Relationships

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John (22), Karen (19) on 6/21/80. John’s dad, Pastor Jimmy Miller, officiates.

Got relational problems? If so, here’s how to solve them!

The Challenge Of Relationships

After 40+ years of marriage, Karen and I understand our relational struggles better than ever. One of those challenges is I’m “harder” on people than she is. In her mind, sometimes too much so.

You see, in Myers-Briggs language, she’s a Feeler, I’m a Thinker. If you know the Enneagram and its nine personality types, Karen’s a 2, I’m an 8. The bottom line is she spends 85% of her time thinking about relationships. And … I don’t.

We see the world differently because we’re very different.

One Story About Us

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What Matters Most: Being Outstanding EVERY Time

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Our story of not outstanding customer service is from QBQ! book reader, Christina. Enjoy!

My husband, a car mechanic, and I flew from Florida to Louisiana to pick up a truck he bought online. It was in worse shape than he was told, so as we were driving home, it died at a gas station and wouldn’t restart.

I searched for rental car companies and called one — a completely reputable, well-known, world-famous brand — only 0.8 miles away. 

After listening to a long recording, a guy answered at 5:32 pm. As we ticked closer to their 6 pm closing time, he asked for a bunch of information. Finally … 

Me: “Any chance you can pick us up, please? We’re less than a mile away.”   

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Accountable People NEVER Stop Growing Up

Yep, that’s 23-year-old me. Chuckle all you want — I’m not offended. ?

Viewing this photo, I know something you don’t:

As a man, husband, and future father, I had a ton of maturing to do.

Quick Story

Over coffee, I asked a longtime friend, Rich, how his two sons were doing. His response surprised me.

“Well, one grew up. The other one didn’t.”

I asked, “Wait a second, Rich, aren’t they both in their thirties now?”

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Excuse-Making: Anyone Can Do It!

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Todd volunteers in an Alaskan prison. He believes in the QBQ! message of Personal Accountability so much he recently bought a slug of QBQ! books for the inmates he serves. Of course, I just had to ask what excuses he hears inside those imposing walls. His response? “I could write a book.” ?

Then, with no effort at all, he shared this list:

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10 Characteristics of Successful People

Succeeding is the simplest thing we can do. Unless we’ve made it complicated.

What does it take to be successful? Nothing new here — 

10 Characteristics of Successful People

  1. Accountable
  2. Committed
  3. Diligent
  4. Curious
  5. Tenacious
  6. Hard-working
  7. Humble
  8. Punctual (yes, this matters!)
  9. Skillful
  10. Service-minded

There you go, 10 traits of those who succeed.

Wait, here’s one more:

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Learners Don’t Ask This Question

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When I found this measuring tape from my early 1980s Montana assignment with Cargill that Karen and I experienced, I had two thoughts:

1. Wow, that is so old!

2. An inch is still an inch, and a foot is still 12 inches.

My four-decades-old measuring tool is as true now as a new one bought and used today. Some things never change with the passage of time. Which makes them …

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