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What We Do At QBQ, Inc.

We help your organization be outstanding by making Personal Accountability a core value. Here’s how:

  • Training designed for in-house implementation and facilitation. Learn More.
  • Dynamic speakers, interactive workshops for any size group. Learn More. 
  • Customizable virtual training options. Learn More.
  • Lots and lots of books.

“QBQ!” Defined

The Question Behind the Question — QBQ! — is a tool enabling people to practice Personal Accountability. The QBQ! provides the “How to” of Personal Accountability. People at every organizational level have found QBQ! life-changing! QBQ! is the result of many years of research by author, John G. Miller, in the organizational development field. Learn More.

Do We Need QBQ!?

Ever heard questions like these?

  • “Why do we have to go through all this change?”
  • “When is someone going to train me?”
  • “Why can’t we find good people?”
  • “When will that department do its job right?”
  • “Who dropped the ball?”
  • “Why don’t they communicate better?”
  • “Who’s going to solve the problem?”

If so, the message of “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” is right for your organization.

The Value of QBQ!

When people practice QBQ! the all-too-human traps of complaining, victim-thinking, procrastination, excuse-making, and blame are eliminated. When this shift happens, productivity, teamwork, morale, creativity, safety, communication, engagement, and problem-solving are enhanced. People who use QBQ! also adapt to change faster, which is critical for competing in today’s global economy.

John G. Miller and Kristin Lindeen

John is the founder of QBQ, Inc., and author of these books. For John’s background and history, read here. To learn about Kristin, click here.

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Let’s Not Blame Mom and Dad

1966 Millers with The QBQ! Guy being cool with fingers in ears.

Question: Do you blame Mom and/or Dad for how your life is going today?

We all know about finger-pointing, right? Some days it seems the Blame Game is the only game in town. Everybody is blaming everybody else. 

Even our parents get blamed. Sometimes, Mom and Dad get blamed for everything!

“If only my dad would … ” and “If only my mom had … .”

Poor Mom and Dad, and that darn family of origin. 😉

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Blame Game: 25 Reasons We Do It

blame, blame game, accountability, ownership

Who ‘ya gonna call? Blame Busters!

We’ve been working to bust blame at QBQ, Inc. for a long time. Given the human propensity to point fingers and our mission of Making personal accountability a core value for people and organizations, I’m certain we’ll never run out of clients. 

‘Ya think? 😆

Of course, this whole blame-busting thing begins with me. If you’re a reader of the QBQ! book, then you understand.

Three key points:

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Lifting People Higher With QBQ!

accountability, addiction, walsh

Joe Walsh, longtime rocker and member of the Eagles, nails addiction in his “One Day At A Time” lyrics. (Video here)

An addict himself, he figured it out.

Early in his song, he sings, “Well, I finally got around to admit I might have a problem—but I thought it was just too big of a mountain to climb.”

Good so far, gotta admit a problem exists, but not fully there yet. A bit later, Joe croons, “Well, I finally got around to admit that I was the problem; when I used to put the blame on everybody’s shoulders but mine.”

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Outstanding Organizations NEVER Stop Improving

vortex, california fires, paradise, outstanding

Do the best organizations strive to get better? They sure do as they work toward achieving that highest level of exceptionalism. What we simply call … outstanding. 

These Organizations Do Exist

After getting off the phone with the CEO of Vortex Optics, I knew Kristin and I had just talked to a leader who knows what he’s doing. A family-held organization with 300 staff, CEO Joe Hamilton works alongside his siblings in a business their dad founded. We were impressed with the way he thinks and thankful for his belief in QBQ! To be honest, I was not aware of the stellar reputation of this organization until the next day.

I casually mentioned to my son-in-law, Justin, who fought in Iraq and loves all things outdoors, Vortex is a client. My gut told me their products would interest him. I was right …

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Coaching: 7 Abilities of an Outstanding Coach

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Are you a coach? Before you say “No,” ponder how often you do coach. Consider what happens when we parent, help a friend or family member resolve a problem, or manage people. Most of us coach way more than we know.

In our photo, we see a 22-year-old wrestling coach in 1980 named John G. Miller with a megaphone in hand. It was an effective tool, for sure, but we don’t need to be loud to be a terrific coach. There are certain tools/abilities outstanding coaches possess, and in this blog, we’ll briefly mention seven. Feel free to forward this piece to anyone who finds themselves in a coaching position paid or unpaid!

7 Abilities of Outstanding Coaches

1. Paint verbal pictures

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Learning Makes For Outstanding Relationships

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John (22), Karen (19) on 6/21/80. John’s dad, Pastor Jimmy Miller, officiates.

Got relational problems? If so, here’s how to solve them!

The Challenge Of Relationships

After 40+ years of marriage, Karen and I understand our relational struggles better than ever. One of those challenges is I’m “harder” on people than she is. In her mind, sometimes too much so.

You see, in Myers-Briggs language, she’s a Feeler, I’m a Thinker. If you know the Enneagram and its nine personality types, Karen’s a 2, I’m an 8. The bottom line is she spends 85% of her time thinking about relationships. And … I don’t.

We see the world differently because we’re very different.

One Story About Us

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Discipline of Self: The Secret To Delaying Gratification

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discipline, personal growth, self improvement

As we write in the QBQ! book, there are three very human traps to avoid: Victim Thinking, Blame, and Procrastination.

All three harm our ability to succeed and are the antithesis of Personal Accountability. Let’s explore that last one.

Procrastination Is <Usually> Bad

In QBQ! we describe Procrastination as the “Friend of Failure.” If I want to fail, all I have to do is spend my time delaying action to a future time to render no value to those around me!

Generally, Procrastination is a dangerous, unproductive state of being.

Unless …

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What Matters Most: Being Outstanding EVERY Time

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Our story of not outstanding customer service is from QBQ! book reader, Christina. Enjoy!

My husband, a car mechanic, and I flew from Florida to Louisiana to pick up a truck he bought online. It was in worse shape than he was told, so as we were driving home, it died at a gas station and wouldn’t restart.

I searched for rental car companies and called one — a completely reputable, well-known, world-famous brand — only 0.8 miles away. 

After listening to a long recording, a guy answered at 5:32 pm. As we ticked closer to their 6 pm closing time, he asked for a bunch of information. Finally … 

Me: “Any chance you can pick us up, please? We’re less than a mile away.”   

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To Err Is Human, To Grow Is … WINNING!

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I’m convinced that those who practice accountable thinking process mistakes in a healthy manner. Sure, we all say “to err is human” — but do we truly allow ourselves to slip up?

I mean, even the, ahem, “pros” blow it.

Pros Who Err

Some observations:

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